Sonny Angel Japanese Good Luck - Limited Edition


The Sonny Angel Japanese Good Luck (limited edition) features Sonny Angel wearing various Lucky Charms familiar to Japanese people and fans of Japanese culture that will bring you healing and happiness. 

Sonny Angel Japanese Good Luck (limited edition) series includes 6 regular figures, 4 lucky figures and 2 secret figures for a total of 12 types. 

Regular Figures - Guardian Dog, Mount Fuji, Ebisuten, Raccoon Dog, Daruma, Lucky Cat

Lucky Figures - Lucky Daruma "Victory", Lucky Daruma "Great Blessing", Lucky Daruma "Love", Lucky Daruma "Good Luck"

Secret Figures - Golden Lucky Cat and Daruma Robby Angel

Your blind box will be chosen at random and will contain one of these cute little figures. 


Product weight approximately 32-34g

Made from ATBC-PVC

Height approximately 75-100mm

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