The Ultimate Guide: Where to Park in Hastings Street, Noosa

  1. Bay Village Car Park: Bay Village has to be the number 1 location for Parking on Hastings Street. It is convenient, always easy to find a park and has undercover parking spots. You enter the car park off Noosa Parade, and the parking backs directly onto Bay Village shop centre on Hastings Street. It is a paid car park, however the rates are very affordable considering you are parking on one of the most premium streets in Australia. For more information, check out the Bay Village Website 

  2. The Woods ( Northern end of Hastings Street ): The woods is at the very northern end of Hastings Street. Here you will find many free parking spaces near the Noosa Spit and close to the northern end of the beach.

  3. The National Park ( Southern end of Hastings Street / Little Cove: ) Nature enthusiasts and beachgoers will appreciate the convenience of parking at The National Park Car Park. Located near the entrance to Noosa National Park, this parking area provides easy access to Hastings Street as well as stunning coastal trails and pristine beaches. It's an ideal choice for those planning to combine a visit to Hastings Street with outdoor adventures in the national park. Be aware that this is one of the busiest car parking spots in Noosa so be prepared to wait to get a park - especially if the surf is good!

  4. Noosa Heads Surf Club: Situated just a stone's throw away from Hastings Street, the Noosa Heads Surf Club offers limited parking for patrons. While primarily reserved for club members, if lucky, visitors may find available spaces in this small parking area during off-peak hours. Parking here provides easy access to both Hastings Street and the iconic Noosa Main Beach, making it a convenient option for beach lovers. There are disability parking spaces available.

  5. First Point: There are a few parking spots just up from Massimos Ice Cream. These are key spots if you want to swim at surf point - possibly the most popular swimming spot in Noosa

  6. On Street Parking: Exploring Hastings Street's charm on foot? Keep an eye out for on-street parking options along the adjacent roads. While these spaces may be limited and subject to time restrictions, they offer a convenient solution for quick visits and short stays. Be sure to check for signage indicating parking regulations to avoid fines or towing.

  7. The Sebel: If you are staying at the Sebel or shopping / eating in the complex, The Sebel does have undercover parking available.

  8. Lions Car Park ( Operational During Holiday Seasons ): During peak holiday seasons, such as Christmas, Easter, and school vacation periods, Hastings Street experiences a surge in visitor numbers, making parking even more challenging. To accommodate this influx, the Lion Car Park comes into operation. Located just a short distance from Hastings Street, this temporary parking facility provides additional spaces for tourists and locals alike. While it may involve a slightly longer walk to reach the main strip, the convenience of securing a parking spot during busy periods makes it a valuable resource. Keep an eye out for signage indicating the availability and operating hours of the Lion Car Park during peak seasons, ensuring a hassle-free parking experience during your visit to Hastings Street, Noosa.

  9. Noosa Junction - Park and Ride: For those looking to avoid the hassle of parking in Hastings Street altogether, the Noosa Junction Park and Ride Scheme provides an excellent alternative. Park your vehicle at designated locations in Noosa Junction and hop on the free shuttle service to Hastings Street during peak holiday periods ( Christmas & Easter ). This eco-friendly option not only reduces traffic congestion but also offers a convenient transportation solution for visitors.


Navigating parking in Hastings Street, Noosa, doesn't have to be daunting. With a variety of parking options available, from centrally located car parks to secluded spots and alternative transportation schemes, you can enjoy all that this vibrant destination has to offer without the stress of finding a parking spot. Whether you're strolling along the bustling street or exploring the natural beauty of Noosa National Park, rest assured that there's a parking solution tailored to your needs. Plan ahead, choose the option that suits you best, and embark on a memorable adventure in Hastings Street, Noosa!

March 20, 2024