Living on the Sunshine Coast with a little one it is essential to have the best beach pram! For a long time I just wanted to stick with having one pram only - my trusty baby zen yoyo which in my opinion is one of the best day to day prams. Its small, light, super easy to fold up and gets around tight spaces easily as well as great travel-ability. Most airlines will allow the baby zen yoyo to be taken right on the airplane and put in the overhead storage - its fantastic to be able to take your pram right up to the gate!

However one thing the baby zen yoyo is terrible at is going on the beach. Go anywhere near soft sand and the baby zen yoyo will be immediately stuck. Its definitely NOT a beach pram. So taking into account our close proximity to the beach I gave in and decided to buy a beach pram.When I started my search online, I realised most beach prams reviewed were only available in the USA, so I decided to write this blog covering the beach pram options available in Australia.

Read on below for my top 5 beach prams & strollers in Australia. 

  1. Mother's Choice Flux II Stroller

    The Mothers Choice Flux II Stroller comes in first place for me for a beach pram and it was the pram I ended up purchasing for using on the beach. The main reasons I choose this for my beach pram were: large inflated wheels to handle the soft sand, spf 50+ canopy which is important when spending time on the beach, easy to fold up, and most importantly, price. Since this pram is going to live a pretty rugged life and might not last as long as expected I didn't want to spend too much on it. This pram was an absolute bargain at $299.
    Rear Wheel Size: 15.5"
    Pram Weight: 11.6 kg
    Cost: $299.00
    Mother's Choice Flux II Stroller beach pram
  2. Baby Jogger Summit x3

    This pram has many excellent online reviews and looks like a solid contender for a beach ready pram! To be honest, the thing I loved the most about it is the look - super sleek and a beautiful gold & black option as a colour-way. As far as functionality, it has great all wheel suspension, extra large air filled tyres and handlebar mounted swivel lock to lock the front wheel.
    Rear Wheel Size: unknown
    Pram Weight: 13 kg
    Cost: $1099.00
    Baby Jogger Summit X3 beach pram
  3. Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle

    This pram has 12” air filled tyres, for a true all terrain, 3-wheel performance. I particularly like that the canopy has an additional pull down visor for added sun protection as well as a magnetic peek-a-boo flap for checking on baby. It is made from made with a robust, super high quality 6060 T52 aircraft grade lightweight aluminium.
    Rear Wheel Size: 12"
    Pram Weight: 11 kg
    Cost: $949.99
     Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle Beach Pram
  4. Little Lou TREK All Terrain Travel Pram 

    Whether you're travelling over dirt roads, gravel, farm roads, or the beach, your baby will stay snug and comfy in this versatile travel pram and stroller. It comes with free bassinet attachment and free accessories:(Rain cover, foot cover, cup holder)
    Rear Wheel Size: unknown
    Pram Weight: 13 kg
    Cost: $869
    Little Lou Trek All Terrain Pram
  5. Thule Urban Glide 2

    Although the most expensive out of the prams listed, at $1499, the Thule is likely the sleekest and most ergonomic beach pram. Important features include large rear wheels, suspension and easy one handed folding.
    Rear Wheel Size: 16"
    Pram Weight: 11.5 kg
    Cost: $1499
    Thule Urban Glide 2 Best Beach Stroller Australia
July 22, 2023