Noosa's main draw card is Noosa beach and crowds flock to this beautiful spot on the Sunshine Coast every year to enjoy the beautiful scenery. We've created a list of beach essential that will keep you happy ( and sun safe! ) during your stay.

Our top picks for your Noosa beach holiday


  1. Salty Shadows Beach Chair
    Sit back and relax with this trendy and extremely comfortable foldable beach chair

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  2. Saarde Turkish Cotton towel
    Super soft and light, these Turkish cotton towels are perfect for the beach

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  3. We Are Feel Good Coconut Sunscreen
    This sunscreen smells amazing, provides you with SPF 50+ and is free from PABAs, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate.

    We Are Feel Good Coconut Sunscreen Noosa

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  4. Salty Shadows Beach Umbrella
    Keeping you cool and sun protected on hot summers days

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  5. Wandering Folk Picnic Rug
    These durable canvas rugs are perfect for setting up a beach picnic

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Looking for more information on things to do in Noosa? Check out the Visit Noosa website